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CTV-exclusive focus. Smart inventory in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil. Content know-how. Local teams. That’s the Spanglish CTV difference.



Spanglish CTV delivers every piece of the streaming puzzle: audience, views, reach, transparency, and insights. Our audience forecaster used during planning allows advertisers to understand the size and impact prior to launch.


Spanglish CTV has not only built relationships with nearly all ad-supported OTT providers in US Hispanics, Puerto Rico, Brazil and Mexico, which means we aren't bound to one or just a few of the OTT apps, buy also helped this publishers and OTT grow their local inventory. This allows us to give you the most diverse and best access with quality impressions, every single time. Combining our premium OTT inventory with our proprietary data allows us to offer the endlessly customizable options you need to achieve true performance at scale.

Remove the guesswork that's traditionally been baked into a TV buy by utilizing digital data segments to deliver your OTT campaign with pinpoint accuracy.

Reach the viewers in your geography regardless of their subscription


Spanglish CTV places OTT advertising across more branded networks than any other platform in Puerto Rico, which means you'll work with a team who knows the ins & outs of delivering a successful OTT campaign better than anyone.

We make the buying process simple by eliminating the hassle of working with multiple content providers. With one easy transaction, Spanglish CTV delivers your ads seamlessly within brand-safe premium content across our network of all providers in Puerto Rico.

Access to our proprietary data. In-house experts ready to make your campaign a
success. Partnering with Spanglish CTV, our local team becomes an extension of your team, delivering the insights to ensure your OTT strategy is optimized in today's evolving video landscape.


Spanglish CTV is powered by an understanding of the local inventory and watching behavior, as well as data-driven precision. Our expert in-house team of data wizards puts advanced analytics to work to create targeting capabilities to give you the insights you can use to drive faster results. Our proprietary data helps you target relevant, engaged audiences with the right message at the right time.

After the campaign, Spanglish CTV can provide an informative summary of the most important elements of your OTT campaign, including:
  • Network

  • Daypart

  • Device

  • Day

  • Click Through rate

  • Completion Rate

  • Reach & Frequency


No Surprises. Know exactly what type of inventory you're buying.
  • FEP authenticated content
  • FEP unauthenticated
  • Pre-roll CTV on all devices

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Premium inventory. Proprietary analytics. And a commitment to quality that lets you not only achieve viewability goals, but move beyond impressions, to impact-at massive scale. Take your next OTT campaign to the next level of performance.
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Spanglish CTV offers a streamlined suite of services and cross-platform capabilities for advertisers, agencies and businesses. Our solutions reach consumers in ways that deliver true ROI.
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